Thoughts on a Plane:

1) The pilot got on the loudspeaker and said air traffic control wants us in the air at 7:02 PM. That was at 6:48PM.
It's 6:57PM
The woman behind me is griping about why we're on the ground because she's never had to wait this long before to take off. 
Clearly this is her first flight ever...
By the way we just took off, its 6:59PM

2) Why is Delta acting like these new snacks are so groundbreaking? Y'all basically added some sugar to the peanuts and the flight attendant is acting like they found the cure for cancer in these mini snacks. But the peanuts are really good, lol.

3) I really need a flight attendant to explain to me why sometimes Economy Comfort gets the good snacks and sometimes we don't. What is the purpose of an upgrade if it doesn't come with the choice of a banana or brownie thins?

4) Whining sounds the same in every language; this French child next to me needs to go to sleep.

5) It's embarrassing  to  be an American right now. Not even trying to be overly political, but  every U.K. news station has been focused on Trump and you would literally think they are relaying the adventures of Goofus and Gallant. #depressing 

​Random ​​Plane Thoughts